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Success Stories: Project Innovations

We like challenges, and our customers often have a unique need or situation that puts us to the test. Here are some examples.

Vision Guided Robot

Our Vision-Guided Robot Helps Defeat Chinese Competition

With price pressure from Chinese competition, our customer asked how we could lower prices on an assembly consisting of two parts that get crimped together.

We made a few minor design modifications so that we could use one of our vision-guided robots, eliminating human labor and lowering our production costs.

Bonus: As the robot grabs each part, its vision system performs a 100% inspection before crimping.

Redesigning 22 Parts

Redesigning 22 Parts Saves Our Customer’s Business

For over twenty years, our customer supplied a complex valve assembly to a world-renown aircraft manufacturer.

When a German competitor offered the manufacturer a less expensive design, the manufacturer told our customer he had to beat the German’s price.

To achieve the needed cost reductions, we worked with our customer for nine months to redesign 22 parts in their valve assembly, so they would run on our automated machinery.

The saving was more than enough for our customer to keep the order and even make a little more profit.

Automated Inspection

Automated Inspection Saves Automotive Supplier’s “Bacon”

A prospect was getting failure rates at two to three parts per million for a Big Three American auto manufacturer and was on its list of unacceptable vendors.

In three months, we custom-built a sophisticated inspection machine to measure every dimension on every part and we were delivering perfect parts.

We’ve delivered more than 40 million parts with no defects since then, and our customer has retained the auto maker’s work.

Customer Doesn’t Complain

Customer Doesn’t Complain When We Take the Initiative

We had been making a part for a long-time customer that required our doing a secondary operation on it to ensure that it had a good thread.

The customer wasn’t complaining about the extra step, but an AGMI supervisor decided to assemble a team of employees to find a way to make the part without requiring the extra step.

The team figured out a way to re-engineer the part so that it could be made in one operation, saving money and time for the customer.

The customer was pleased that we had taken the initiative to help his business.

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